Made of high grade gypsum plaster reinforced with fiber glass strands, fibrous plasterboard opens up a world of new possibilities to interior designers. TOP PLASTERCEIL has been a leading supplier of fibrous plasterboard to the region's building industry, since its founding in 1981, with full design, manufacturing and installation capabilities.

With a passionate devotion to innovation, design diversity and product quality. TOP PLASTERCEIL's products have graced many a prestigious project including hotels, commercial and residential developments in Singapore, Brunei, Hong Kong, China and Japan.

Its products are tested to BS476 Part 4 (1970), Part 5 (1979), Part 6 (1989) and Part 7 (1971) standards for fire resistance, and had been awarded class 'o' rating by PSB of Singapore. Its "TOP M.R. Board" further set a new standard of performance for fibrous plasterboard in terms of humidity resistance and is ideal for high humidity areas such as bathrooms, pantries and external sheltered environment.

At TOP PLASTERCEIL, we are wholly committed to total customer satisfaction. To this end we have invested in a fully equipped factory comprehensive technical know-how, and a team of highly skilled and dedicated professional staff.

TOP PLASTERCEIL is ready to meet the ever changing needs of the building industry while offering you a one stop solution to all your building needs.