Fire Rated Compartmentation System
Top Plasterceil has earn recognition as an approved Fire Rated Compartmentation Specialist from Manufacturers' of both the Gypsum Board and Calcium Silicate Board based Fire Rated Ceiling & Partition Compartmentation.

We have render our service extensively in the following projects:
• SPH Print Plant at Jurong
• Paragon Shopping Centre
• The Scarlet Hotel at Erskine Road
• Ford Factory at Bukit Timah Road
• Courts @ Tampines
• New Water Plant @Ulu Pandan

Mineral Fibre Board Ceiling
Mineral Fibre Board Ceiling have been the choice of many office and public institution building in Singapore. It's acoustic properties which provide a good blend of sound absorption and sound attenuation makes the choice ideal to create a more pleasing and less stressful environment.

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Metal Ceiling
Metal Ceiling intends to create a solid but yet simple and easy maintain. The wide choice of colours in powder coated finishes helps you to create a hip and high tech environment.

You make the choice & we will make it to reality.

Partition System
Drywall Partition
Alternative to masonry wall, giving the luxuries of self determine the room space required. Whether you need to encapsulate a section of your office / home / factory to create an environmentally controlled area or simply want to separate different areas for workflow purposes. We can propose to you partition system that serve your need. We had the capability to construct any drywall partition -standard, acoustical or fire rated.
Turning your entire requirement into reality is our capability.